Baja Studio’s proximity to Los Angeles makes it possible to leave L.A. early in the morning with truck-loads of equipment, clear customs at the (Otay Mesa) border and have the trucks arrive late afternoon at the studio. Equipment or materials being flown airfreight arrive at San Diego Airport and are transported from there.

Vendors delivering equipment, material and supplies or shipping them via UPS or Federal Express can have them dropped off or delivered to a custom broker’s office at the border. You may wish to rent warehouse space in Chula Vista or San Ysidro and have someone there to accept deliveries of materials and prepare the documentation to cross the items into México.

Equipment and materials cannot be sent directly into México without clearing Mexican customs. Customs Clearance is done at the commercial border crossing in Otay Mesa, or for smaller items at San Ysidro. Once cleared, they can proceed to the studio.

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